Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Change for 2011

So I hear all these New Year's Resolutions and try to think of what mine could be.  You know, perhaps not the same old general ones..something new - different - something I can actually achieve. I thought of the title of my blog "stephs-time4achange" and thought to myself, life is ALWAYS changing.  A time for change is today AND long as we are changing, we are progressing, and learning, and growing.  So part of my "change" for this year, and maybe considered a resolution would be healthier lifestyle.  It isn't that I necessarily have an UN-healthy lifestyle, but there are definately things I could change to make it a healthier one. For example: the belly fat thing...I have never had much of an issue with a thick middle until has seemed to be quite comfortable sitting as a muffin top, right on over the top of my jeans.  On one hand, who cares?? I LOVE to eat! On the other hand, belly fat is an indicator of other underlying health issues that could be lirking about to cause me trouble in the long run...SO, I have decided to tackle the belly fat before I lose more control than I already have.  Today was the beginning for me...reducing sugar and managing my good and bad carbs, etc.  I am referencing a lot to the Belly Fat Free book for ideas on how to achieve my goals with a flatter tummy.  I have also looked up a few things online for some smart recipes and ways of making this more "fun" for me to take on this flat belly challenge.  My goal is to have a flatter belly by the end of April.  Let's see how I do, shall we?  I will keep a journal of what I do, if you like - follow along and experience a beginning to healthier living with me. 
This morning I started off with a cold and still sore from my "near miss car accident" the other day. I am full of congestion and have headache and muscle aches.  The idea of excersize for me today is pretty much out of the question.  I have been lucky to get up, shower, and get ready for the my start will pretty much begin with my eating habits.  To keep my metabolism going better - I have read to eat five small meals a day rather than three big ones.  This has been something I have heard multiple times from many venues. So, here's to giving that a try.  Remember, I am a pacer and I have to start with baby steps...this is my first baby step.  This morning I enjoyed a half a grapefruit with one hard boiled egg. I did add a little salt and pepper to the egg.  I have also sipped two cups of vanilla chai tea with honey which seems to soothe my throat and make me feel a little better.  I have also paid attention to drinking more water as well.  For lunch, I had a half a cantalope with a little over a half a cup of cottage cheese again with salt and pepper on it.  Obviously, salt may be an issue for me.  I will work on that as I go.  I feel good so far - with respect to food.  I don't feel like I am starving or has been keeping me going and other than the cold symptoms, I am feeling pretty good. 
I will do my best to keep current on my personal challenge of a flatter belly.  This may be my only way of holding myself accountable to sticking with it. 
Have a wonderful day!