Handmade Cotton Crochet Beanie Hats

Handmade Cotton Crochet Beanie Hats

Handmade Cotton Crochet Hats (Beanies) for Cancer Patients

My mom inspired me to make these cotton hats when she said all of her other hats and wigs would make her head sweat and become irritated.  I made her the first one, making up the pattern as I went along stitch by stitch.  She loved it so much I made her several more.  As we sat in her chemo sessions together, I would make more hats and started donating them to the other patients who were also receiving chemo treatments.  I decided there may be many others who would like a hat to keep their heads warm without the irritation of others.  So I have been busy trying to build an inventory to sell them.  I will try to post them as quickly as they are made. Each is unique and handmade by me.  Hope you, or someone you know, can enjoy them as much as my mom did!

***10% of all sales help purchase more cotton thread for the hats I will continue to donate to various chemo centers and those I am lucky enough to meet.

Please allow 48 hours for product to ship and 5-7 business days to receive it. All sales are final - No exchanges or returns.
One size - dark brwn/tan/cream

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