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  SURPRISE!!! Boron does more than you thought!

I had started taking the Angstrom Minerals Boron Liquid Ionic Dietary Supplement a while ago because of some things I had read about it.  What I had learned was that the function of boron in our bodies was to assist with improved brain function, help the body to better utilize calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, it activates vitamin D, promotes electrical brain activity, hormonal circulation of serum testosterone, enhances memory, promotes alertness, etc.  Something else that jumped out was that it may help to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and post-menopausal osteoporosis.  One study showed that women who took 3mg of boron per day increased the amount of their estrogen levels while also decreasing the amount of calcium lost in their urine.  I felt like these were all good reasons to consider implementing this mineral into my supplementation routine.
Recently, there was an article released by Chef Lynda regarding the benefits of boron to help with arthritis and osteoporosis.  She not only included a ton of information from a variety of valuable resources, but this is something she has also was interesting that she also uses the Angstrom Minerals Boron Supplement! I love it when I start doing something and later read the same thing is working for others as well! I am so excited to learn of all the benefits this supplement can possibly help me with as my body ages... our body ages each and every day, but what we do with it can so profoundly determine how much we can enjoy the years ahead with the very same body we were born with! 
I think many of you may also find this article interesting, so I am going to share it with you.  There are so many who struggle with the symptoms of boron deficiencies without ever knowing how easy it is to fix... maybe it may help with what you are experiencing too!

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The Inexpensive Arthritis & Osteoporosis Cure 

ref: Angstrom Minerals Information & Reference Guide


My Road to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Journey is different for everyone, 
even if we are on the road to the same kind of goals!

The sun can sometimes get in our eyes, the roads are sometimes rocky...uphill...smooth.... However the road is, the choice is still yours.  I am excited for every new day to go forward training.  I am laughing as I say that, because lately...I have had quite a few people as me what I was training for.  My reply? I am just training to not die before I am supposed to.  You see... lifestyles today can seriously alter the time we have here.  I only say that because while I realize we all die some time... it doesn't necessarily have to be sooner than later, right? There are some choices we can make to not only keep us here as long as possible, but be able to enjoy life at the same time.  Age is just a number! Getting "old" doesn't mean we have to use the rocking chair as our only level of activity rocking back and forth.  It is up to us to be able to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep our bodies moving.  There are still some things that may challenge us, but the key is to keep moving the best way we can, for as long as we can!
I post frequently on facebook to kind of journal my progress.  Not so much to compare to others, but to compare to where I once was...and if someone else may be struggling with some of the same issues as me, well then maybe we can travel our journeys together!

This isn't just a dirt road....
It's a path - a direction - a journey

 A Healthy YOU is a choice -
Please know that this page is meant to be a series of ideas, findings, research, tips, opinions, resources, and options - not ever to be misunderstood as right or wrong... just thoughts according to Stephanie and the information I find.  I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, so I cannot advise or prescribe...however I can share things I find that have worked for others, and I will share personal experiences.
My story changes every day.  I am not a "health-nut", but the truth is, health and wellness and how the body works fascinates me.  I love the idea of being pro-active with our own health and taking responsibility for the well-being of our future.  It is for this reason I have tried learning more and more about healthier habits and life changes I can make personally to live a longer, more fulfilling life.  I want to spend as much time as I can with family, friends, and the world.  I want to make a difference.  I want to share what I have learned with others, giving them the opportunity, if they so choose, to begin their own journey to a healthier lifestyle - with a little help from a friend!
I will add to this page as often as I can.  In my job, I am constantly reading things on healthy living.  I will be posting a link for more information on what we have available and how those products help.  I will also be posting various links at time for other items I love and have found helpful.  I would love to hear comments and suggestions from others...
I am looking forward to building this page and hoping it helps to inspire others to making a healthier you a choice - and to feel the bond of a group of people sharing the same goals, various ideas, on their own individual journey that we can all travel together.  

Resources - A Place to Start

I feel lucky to work where I do right now.  I am able to research the very subjects that fascinate me! We are adding new products all the time to help people be responsible with their own health and wellness needs.  We want to carry the items that customers need to succeed to reach their goals with health, whether it be basic vitamins and minerals, essential oils, weight loss products, maybe skin care, or down to basics items, first aid supplies, perhaps adding organic foods, herbs.... the list of ideas for what we want to see added to our product line is vast.  I personally would love to hear what interests YOU to have locally, or if you are following from afar...what would you like available to you in just the time it takes to ship your product to you??? You can click on our website:

In the meantime, please make a list or start sharing ideas of what you think may help you to live a more healthy lifestyle - and how we can help at Healthshop101

This Health & Wellness Journey 
Consists of many roads and paths that at some point in life will come together 

During the summer, there are not many things that are better than taking a nice hike with the family.  This last summer, we enjoyed a camping trip down at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes for Easter.  This is one of our favorite places to go.  Why do I put this in my Health & Wellness page? Because there are an unbelievable amount of things you can do at the sand dunes to not miss out on your exercise routine while you are on vacation!

Jumping down the dune is amazing...climbing back up? Yes, a total workout! The grandkids LOVE to have you join them in this activity. But the very large sand box is just a portion of the wonderful things to do in southern Utah.  

There are also so many places to hike!  We went on hike that was an easy enough trail to follow, not too much of an incline, but was still challenging enough to work your muscles and get your heart rate up a little. All while you can enjoy the wonderful scenery that is offered by the beautiful Utah landscape.  Both kids and adults enjoyed finding all the little caves, and indian writings that were hidden along the way.  There are so many enjoyable ways to stay active when the weather permits. I love the seasons and how they change..every time I experience a new season, I always think that is the one that is my favorite! 

My attempt at running - 
I am not a super great runner, more of a jogger...and a slow jogger at that. HOWEVER - I absolutely LOVE the running that I do! It allows me to zone out for a while, regroup my thoughts, and just enjoy my environment, where ever I choose to run, walk, or jog.

If you are going to take an interest in running, here is one piece of advise I have for you - 

MUSIC!!!!!  This is a conclusion I have come to.  I think one of the very first things you should get to begin preparing for a new work-out plan is MUSIC.  Not just music - but mobile that will travel with you.  So load up your ipod, your mp3 player, disc man :0) What ever form you have.  If you have unlimited data on your phone, you can just streamline the pandora, slacker radio, or any of those online music stations that will just play random songs that you can surf through.  THIS music preparation has been a lifesaver for me personally! 

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