Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keep Your Focus Forward

Life is forever changing! Do you embrace the full experience? Are you Living In Full Experiences?? Maybe we all need to work on that a little bit. I know I am constantly needing to remind myself to keep my focus hold on to what and who are important, those we can always count on, and let all the rest go. 
I love it when I scan through my facebook wall and see some visual, artistic rendition with a quote so appropriately placed, at just a time I think I need it most.  Almost as if that person posted it just for me.  Then I thought to myself - how many of us are in constant need of those reminders? We all have a connection - we are all never alone.  If one is willing to share a little bit of themselves, they will most likely find 1: others who feel exactly as they do, or can at least relate some how to their life experience, trial, or moment; and/or 2: others who needed to HEAR someone else who may be feeling what THEY are going through so as to not feel so alone. 
I am so grateful for those who have shared a little part of themselves with me, so when I was having an experience that seemed tough to get through at the time, I knew....I wasn't alone. 
I am grateful for those friends I have who are every one different, and serve an equally different purpose in my life.  Some who share their hearts, some who just care about how your day is going, some who may share an occasional drink run, lunch, or treat for even just a few minutes to catch up...and some, you may not talk to for months or even years - but the second you get together or have a chance to talk on the is as if you haven't missed a moment.
I am grateful for family - for the constant and continual support they are, just in being... and knowing they are always there...even when you need some time to be silent, they are loud and clear about their arms wrapping around you with a hug no matter the distance in miles there may be.
As life changes, I hope we can always keep in mind the things and people that remain solid. 
Today I hope for everyone, that as life changes, each one remembers that as every day presents itself, it is a new opportunity to BE - to breathe, to live, to smile, to start a new beginning, to finish what you started - but another day to keep your focus forward!