There are days when I am pondering my thoughts and simple little poems come to mind.  There are other days when someone has impressed me, or I have concerns with life in general, or current events touch my heart.  I love to write and express what is in my heart.  Life sometimes just happens....you just have to roll with it.  Sometimes, this is just how I roll.

Your Dream is Your Reality
(A thought)

A dream is your reality... It begins with a thought.
It progresses with focusing forward,
and re-thinking it over and over again.
It becomes the reality through the journey you choose...
the road you take and the motivation you master...
It is YOUR truth through each step you step,
every breath you breathe - 
Your Dream is Your Reality - Live for it!
Stephanie Barton - August 2016


The breath of life is in and out
The process of life is up and down
The purpose of life is an infinite circle
newly re-defined every single day.
Stephanie Barton - February 11, 2013

The Day Gets So Busy -

I woke up this morning, my feet hit the floor
Before I knew it, I ran right out the door
The day gets so busy, there's so much to do
It's easy to miss things important to you.
So stop just a minute, look for the best
All it takes is a moment, a breather, a rest.
The sunshine and nature
A short walk, just a mile
Embrace whats around you, ENJOY with a smile.
Stephanie Barton - January 29, 2016

Sept. 7, 2012

I know - I ponder on life a lot...choices, circumstance...

Life is what you make it
and what it's meant to be
Life doesn't just happen
It's the vision that you see.
It won't always be simple
that statement is ture
but how things resolve
is all up to you.
Learn what you can
from the trials you're given
Move forward to choose
the life you'll be livin'.
Stephanie Barton - February 2012

*** August 26, 2012 -
Sometimes LIFE is just about loving what it is you are doing.  Although, from day to day your view may change... and LIFE may also give you obstacles to overcome and learn from, MOST of the time, LIFE should be full of rewards (of many kinds), smiles, and opportunity.  LIFE should be Living In Full Experiences....

Just a wife, some women say
forgetting the value of what they did today.
Just a wife and mother too,
the list is long, the things to do.
Just a wife, a mother, friend,
Always there, clear to the end.
Just a wife, a mother, friend, and sister as well,
Life long relationships - Ring a bell??
A wife, a mother, sister, friend
a daughter too? Seems quite a trend,
add to those a fine career -
and WHAT?? She too, is a volunteer??
How does one do this you may ask?
These things we do are not just tasks...
The labor is love, the reward is true,
It's all because we love what we do!


Imagine tomorrow, not just today

Imagine your lifetime, just a moment away

Imagine your dreams, all coming true

Imagine rewards, all coming to you

Imagine your business, your family, your home

Imagine for each, you're never alone

Imagine success in all that you do,

Imagine results...It's all up to you.

Poem by Stephanie Barton

March 2010

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The Difference a Coach Makes - Stephanie Barton February 2009
This is a poem written from my heart because I don't think it is easy to say all the words to express my gratitude to the men and women who have made a difference in the lives of my children through the years they participated in sports. I appreciate them more than they will ever know - This poem is for them. Just a note, I had written this specifically for my son's wrestling coach and his coaching team, so it references the "boys" on their team and wrestling....I suppose I will need to come up with another one for all coaches which will include girls!!! For now, Coach Turner made a great impression on my son that he will take through his lifetime. He was a great inspiration for him - Matt still looks up to him today.

Thanks Coaches!!!

The Difference a Coach Makes

The difference a coach makes
You may not really know
The changes that happen
The way our kids grow.

Through his guidance & training
The goals that they make
Commitment, endurance,
The will to take State.

The difference a coach makes
An opportunity he sees
To change a boys life
With the foot print he leaves.

The leader he is as he
Runs side by side
The example is set
For the boys who all tried.

For the times they attempted
To take every win
Sometimes the most learned
Is in trying again.

The persistence he teaches
The whole season through
Staying in focus expected
Every wrestler knew.

So the wins they all happen
Because of a man
Who coaches our kids
And tells them they can.

It’s not just for wrestling
All the great things they learn
It’s a lifetime of changes
And victories they earn.

It’s the future that’s theirs
They successes they take
The men they become
For the difference a coach makes.

Stephanie Barton – February 2009

Thanks to all the coaches who made the difference with my kids!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010  -  Is this just another day?

“Just Another Day”

Just another day you say?

How often we forget,
The chances that present themselves
Before the new sun sets.

For every day a new beginning,
A fresh start that is clean
To see a different side of life
To see the new “un-seen”.

The sunbeam through a raindrop
The mist escaping clouds,
The colors changing on the leaves,
Mums new buds just found.

This all has happened once before?
It’s rained and turned to fall?
But did you see the vibrant red?
The wonder of it all?

Did you stop to see each second,
The changes of the season?
Did something pass you by today
For some good unknown reason?

Don’t worry if you missed a wink
For there’s another chance,
For tomorrow’s coming once again,
Try not to miss a glance.

Stephanie Barton – 9/18/2002

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Shellie Dutson said...

I like your poem. It causes one to think.

February 23, 2010 7:45 PM