Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's for Dinner?

Making a new meal plan when you are new to trying to transition your cleaner eating idea can be a challenging and daunting task.  Check out my recipe page for this delicious and easy to make dinner idea.  You may just convince yourself that this new way of cooking can be much easier than you thought! Let me know what you think!  

Remember, these are just ideas from someone (me) who is also learning to transition herself as well.  They are not full-on recipes, however, an explanation of how I put it together is present.  I hope this gets you excited about your new journey to cleaner eating.  I will be adding more soon - as well as a program that will be available soon to assist you with any kind of special eating plan you may require! I can't wait til it is available so I can tell you all about it! Happy cooking!