Monday, September 5, 2011

I have felt like 2 years of unemployment may have started a pickling process of my brain, so I have been diligent about staying busy with many, many things so my brain always has a reason to keep thinking! Have you ever felt this way? When life throws you a curve ball, you just need to keep the mit moving in the right direction, right? I find it easier for me to feel connected with people if I keep my calendar full.  Every day there is a reason to get up and get ready for what the day brings - but there is also some responsibility to be sure the day is bringing something.  It can get too easy to just leave it open, but then - you may not feel an urgency to take that shower in the morning! I do leave time for surprises :0) you can't have everything to a plan, cause is what happens when you make other plans! Here's to less baffled brains and new life experiences - TODAY, I tried something new...I set up an account with Twitter.  Now let's see how well that works for me...I may need to get a few tips from some seasoned tweeters!  Join me in my journey to not going stale with age :0)

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  1. You are AWESOME Steph!! One thing I would recommend is to link this page or your FB page to Twitter. That way, every time you post it automatically posts on Twitter. I have done that with my Face Book :) Love You!!!