Sunday, September 25, 2016

Change - It Isn't Just For The Seasons of the Year!

Change - It isn't just for the seasons of the year!

There are seasons in all of us :0)

Notice in this picture - There is the middle, there are leaves changing color in vibrant reds and the far back, there is snow on the mountain tops! How beautiful is this? I loved hiking up the mountain today with a friend to see the changing of the season!

Change is a scary thing sometimes.  At least when we are talking about changes that are happening in our own worlds.  What is happening around us and/or within us.  I love the saying, a time and a season for all things.  What does this mean to you? 
Sometimes I think of it like being asked when you are little - "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well, as a child, it seems the answer is easy! It is exactly what you are feeling that day... what influenced your choice for an answer that moment? It could have been a tv show, or your parents example, a teacher you loved and who was a wonderful influence for you, hope - hope in that it was something you would love, enjoy, and always want to do with a smile. What happens in life as things "change"? The world around us give us different opportunities, a variety of circumstances...people do the same. Our choices may change a thousand times over years. We are scared to step out of our comfort zone to go from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, then to college, then to the "real" world! LOL - but in that, also excited to the next adventure! Hope for what is to come! Right?

So here we are... I am in a new season of my own life! I have loved being a wife, mother, and grandmother!!! I still get to be all of those things, however, my role in all of that is different than it used to be.  There isn't as much diaper changing for me going on these days.  Instead... I decided to go back to school to help me be in a position to do some of the things I love to do - Help others discover ways to better reach their health and wellness goals as an Integrative Medicine Health Coach Practicioner! I am looking forward to this new season in my life.  There are many reasons, circumstances, people, and opportunities that were a big part in how things fell into place for this change.  I am all the things I felt as a child when change came around....scared, excited, hopeful, and stepping out of my comfort zone in ways.  One thing is different though - I have learned in my life that you don't grow if you don't try.  I have learned that focusing forward is my only option...that is the direction I want to go - forward! 

I will be coordinating many things over the next couple of months to bring this dream I have to more of a reality. You may see things change as I throw things out there, and maybe see a reason to change it...or I MAY make a few mistakes even! LOL - So I am throwing this out there... Introducing Better Body Health Coach!  My draft of my logo is below... I will be using that until I get things firmed may also evolve as my business does.  We shall see. 

Let's just say, this is a new journey for me... I would love for you to be part of it! In the meantime - Don't let change be scary...embrace and enjoy the changes that come your way! You never know what they may bring!

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