Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is this just another day?

“Just Another Day”

Just another day you say?
How often we forget,
The chances that present themselves
Before the new sun sets.

For every day a new beginning,
A fresh start that is clean
To see a different side of life
To see the new “un-seen”.

The sunbeam through a raindrop
The mist escaping clouds,
The colors changing on the leaves,
Mums new buds just found.

This all has happened once before?
It’s rained and turned to fall?
But did you see the vibrant red?
The wonder of it all?

Did you stop to see each second,
The changes of the season?
Did something pass you by today
For some good unknown reason?

Don’t worry if you missed a wink
For there’s another chance,
For tomorrow’s coming once again,
Try not to miss a glance.

Stephanie Barton – 9/18/2002

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