Thursday, February 4, 2010

The same thing, but different!

Have you ever heard, same stuff...different day? At least today didn't get away from me. The other night, our recipes didn't work out as we planned, but were edible...We were trying to copy a dish from a favorite place. It was the same recipe, turned out to be a different dish! :0) I will perfect them, and then add them to my blog. In the meantime: fajitas are always a good quick meal if you are in a hurry but don't lose out on a good meal. Take some steak or chicken, slice thinly...start to brown in a iron skillet is the best - then add sliced green, yellow, and red bell peppers and onion. Sprinkle in some fajita seasoning and cook until veggies are tender and meat is done. Warm some flour tortillas in the microwave and add the meat mixture. You can top with sour cream, salsa...and even garnishes such as lettuce, tomato and cheese. Walllah! My family loves this one!
Don't worry - I love to share new things I learn each day. Most of the time, I learn things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the sun is shining - but it is freezing cold outside! Other times, we "see" things we "think" happen or how things appear on the outside...but don't always know the circumstance behind what we think we see! Remember not to judge the world too harshly - hold true to yourself, and keep in mind, things are not always as they seem. I will be posting new things I, tricks, what have you as well. Just have to learn how to use this blog first! Stay with me friends! Thanks - have a fantastic day!

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