Monday, March 8, 2010

The Difference a Coach Makes - Stephanie Barton February 2009

This is a poem written from my heart because I don't think it is easy to say all the words to express my gratitude to the men and women who have made a difference in the lives of my children through the years they participated in sports.  I appreciate them more than they will ever know - This poem is for them. Just a note, I had written this specifically for my son's wrestling coach and his coaching team, so it references the "boys" on their team and wrestling....I suppose I will need to come up with another one for all coaches which will include girls!!! For now, Coach Turner made a great impression on my son that he will take through his lifetime.  He was a great inspiration for him - Matt still looks up to him today.
Thanks Coaches!!!

The Difference a Coach Makes

The difference a coach makes

You may not really know

The changes that happen

The way our kids grow.

Through his guidance & training

The goals that they make

Commitment, endurance,

The will to take State.

The difference a coach makes

An opportunity he sees

To change a boys life

With the foot print he leaves.

The leader he is as he

Runs side by side

The example is set

For the boys who all tried.

For the times they attempted

To take every win

Sometimes the most learned

Is in trying again.

The persistence he teaches

The whole season through

Staying in focus expected

Every wrestler knew.

So the wins they all happen

Because of a man

Who coaches our kids

And tells them they can.

It’s not just for wrestling

All the great things they learn

It’s a lifetime of changes

And victories they earn.

It’s the future that’s theirs

They successes they take

The men they become

For the difference a coach makes.

Stephanie Barton – February 2009

Thanks to all the coaches who made the difference with my kids!

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