Monday, March 1, 2010

Mighty Meatloaf Supper!!!

This is a recipe I made up myself!!!
I have a large family who comes home for Sunday dinner every week.  That is probably my favorite day of the week as well.  I love to have my family all together.  I wish my son could come home from college a little more often to sit down with us for dinner too, but I will enjoy the times he can for now.

Mighty Meatloaf
Take about 4 pounds of ground meat and put in a bowl. Add 2 eggs, 1 8oz. can of tomato sauce, 2 cloves of garlic squished through a press, 1 chopped onion, salt n pepper to taste, and 1 box of savory herb stuffing mix.  Blend together and drop into a large cassarole pan and top with ketchup.  Bake at 350 degrees for about an hour.
Serve with mashed potatoes that have salt, pepper, butter, milk, garlic, parsley, and grated cheese mixed through them - you can put them in a pan and top with cheese and bake until golden brown if you want.
Don't forget the veggie of your choice and/or a salad to finish it off.
Hope you enjoy this dinner as much as my family did.  There were no leftovers on this one!

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