Monday, March 1, 2010

This too shall pass....

OK - the last week I have been down with a nasty cold that was just kickin' my tail! I am sure it is going around, and many will have to endure the same cough and congestion that I took on myself.  I decided that I just don't have the time to be sick!  I hated dealing with it...but I found there were some things that helped ease the symptoms for me....FIRST, a friend who brought me homemade chicken soup.  Of course that warms your heart and your spirit and I felt comforted with every spoonful.  Then of course, life did not stop for me while I was down for the count, and I had definately hacked up at least one of my lungs, so Vanilla Chai Tea was just the thing to help soothe my throat.  It was what I needed to get started in the morning, the pefect mid-morning relaxer, then of course it was a lovely lunchtime breather...if you can see how my day was going? After six cups of this wonderful concauction, I realized I was full of energy to get some things done around the house for my 5pm planning meeting, of which I was facilitating.  How wonderful that this tea I thought to be so medicinal was also full of caffeine!!! So as true to form, what goes up...must also come down - just in time for my own little zone center as I try to focus for what I was supposed to be doing at 5:15.  I am sure my group was wondering just what I thought I was doing. Not only could I not speak, which exhausted me at every effort, but I was also lacking enthusiasm.  This was obviously something they would have more likely witnessed a few hours earlier in the day!  Now I have to give credit where it is due. Musinex DM was the answer for my cough and congestion for the most part, I was able to at least sleep at night, so for that I was grateful.  I believe the meeting was at least productive, and although I didn't do much through the week while I was sick, for that one kitchen, livingroom, and bathroom was clean!!!  What I do feel bad about, is that it seems when you are ill, you just can't help but spread the poor husband is down for the count today - I hope these symptom easing tricks can work on him as well...for me - well, I am feeling like a new woman!

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