Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year!
This is a little project I was excited about for keeping the talent of my grandmother around for all to see.  My grandma love to crochet doilies.  She was able to design some beautiful pieces which she loved to display in her home in every room.  I have always been drawn to the details of every unique one she created.
I took this one and have displayed it into a window box to hang on the wall.  I am sure it would please grandma to see it continue to be displayed for all to see and admire.
In addition to many New Year's resolutions that I have marked for this new year ahead of us - 2013... I am going to work on keeping my grandma's talents in clear site by preserving as many of these beautiful works of art into window boxes - I want to do this for her.  
Many of us have doilies or needlework pieces from loved ones who have passed. I just felt like this was a great way to not only keep them in our hearts, but also keep them present in our every day. You simply start with a beautiful treasure - then, an inexpensive frame and matte material.  There are a variety of places to get these supplies.  I hope this new year brings love, joy, and happiness to everyone.  Happy New Year!

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