Saturday, January 19, 2013

Embrace your Birthday!!

Embrace your Birthday!!!!

I just had my birthday this last week....I am now a 48 year old wife, mother, grandma, daughter, sister, friend...just two years away from meeting a half a century! 
Let me tell you - my birthday is my favorite day of the year! I love every one.  Think of the alternative - no birthday? no bueno! That means we wouldn't be here to enjoy the presents of the presence! The people we hold so very close and dear to our hearts - Every birthday in itself is a wonderful gift.  I look forward to celebrating each and every one with family, friends, and those who are close to me.  In addition - how great does it feel to celebrate OTHER'S birthdays??? EVERY birthday, no matter who it belongs to - is a reason to CELEBRATE!
So this year, I enjoyed everything about this day. I had to work of course...there hasn't been a holiday set on the calendar yet for Stephanie's Birthday! I was later greeted with beautiful flowers and some wonderful presents from my boss and his wife! They spoiled me and I have to say they shouldn't have done so much, but....I LOVED it!!! LOL - then I had some beautiful flowers delivered from my husband, Steve...they were beautiful and made me feel so special! I was taken to lunch and enjoyed a visit with my grandson Hunter, daughter Jennifer and Steve. I also received a wonderful birthday hello from my other grandson Caden and his parents Mike and Amber Mrs. As the day went on, we went to dinner with my daughter Amber....where she promised her homemade lemon bars for me to be done the next day... I love it when the celebration of my birthday extends past for a few days!! At last, Aspen, my granddaughter called and asked if I could come see her so she could give me the present she made me.  Well, OF COURSE!!! She put together a beautiful beaded bracelet just for me! Throughout the day, I had lot's of wonderful phone calls, messages, and facebook wishes.  It was so so nice!
What an amazing way to end the day... 

As I thought back through the events of all that took place, I realized how blessed I truly am. Not because of the presents, or the food, or the flowers...but the presence of TIME, my sweet family and friends. 
I had a beautiful day - Thank you to all who shared it with me...I love you all! 
I hope everyone can always enjoy and embrace their birthdays every year! I wish to all, to always help others to celebrate their birthdays! Enjoy birthdays every chance you get!!!

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