Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Road which marks the Path of your Journey

The Road which marks the Path of your Journey
Define your path - the road...your journey.  Even when you do that, circumstance and life can alter they way it may look.  It can create obstacles to go around, and hills to climb - but the one thing that should always remain the same is the persistence in looking ahead and keeping your focus forward, no matter WHAT!!!
This winter, I tried something new. My sister took me snowshoeing.  It was a blast!!! We spent the whole day just doing what sisters do.  We talked, we laughed - we poked fun at life and it's funny little twists.  Let me tell you about the "walk around the lake".
As we began our adventure that day, we first needed to figure out how in the world those snow shoes worked!!! They had straps everywhere, and they just fit over your boots.  We did finally figure it out. Now the poles extended...did we need the poles right then? Not necessarily, but they went with the outfit, right? There were obviously poles that came with the snow shoes for a reason, so altough we didn't feel like they were "needed" we took them anyway. Gloves? Well, we had some...but what a beautiful sunny day it was! Did we really need them? No...not really, but hey, let's put them in the pockets...just in case.  
So, at the beginning...the paths were fairly easy to follow as they were clearly marked and it looked as if many had gone before us.  At times, as we were talking back and forth to one another, I would sometimes drift off the path slightly - it was easy to tell when that happened, because the snow was deeper and created a little bit of an obstacle of needing to watch my step, after I tripped over myself first!  The snow shoes, DID make it easier to walk as they cover more of the area to which you step, however,  if you are not watching what you are doing...your own feet can become a tripping hazard!  WOW!!! Good thing I had those walking sticks!
As we followed the path around the lake, it took us into a little forest of trees.  Just beautiful - the trees were created wonderful shade from the sun, which isn't as much appreciated in the middle of winter, as it could be in the middle of a hot summer.  I am so glad I thought to keep those gloves in my pocket! When you looked around you almost couldn't see the sun through the was surely much darker, and a bit colder as well. But, we were prepared and the sun was shining still!
It was fun to visit, but the path wasn't always wide enough for us to walk side by side - so it was necessary to walk ahead or behind for a while...not as easy to visit and not as much fun either, but those times were temporary.   A few times the thought crossed my mind as I wondered if maybe we were going the wrong way around the is there a right way and a wrong way to go around the lake?? Nope! I don't think so...there were many coming and going both ways, and at the end of the day....we all ended up at the same place! As you can see in the picture...there were some who made their own path across the lake - we were told not to go out there, so we didn't - we thought it best to play it safe...Now it isn't to say we didn't take a few wrong turns as we got distracted by a few chit chats with nice people we met and little critters that made us happy we were able to share in their space of nature that day - because there were a few times...those sticks came in handy!
This little guy entertained us for some time romping back and forth in the snow, up and down trees and bushes...scurrying about his own business in his little neck of the woods. He even followed us for a while, until we went down this other road...what a wise little squirrel - he KNEW we were going the wrong way! It is much more difficult to climb a hill in snow shoes than one would think! However, WE DID IT! We climbed to the top, and continued down another path that did in fact...lead us to the place we needed to go.
You may be asking yourself by now..."is this story just a story"? Well, this story is my life. I think there may be others who can also relate. Our roads or our paths may not all be the same, but we all have them. In fact there may be some of us who go clockwise, while the others choose to go counter-clockwise. We may sometimes drift off the beaten path to find obstacles that make us lift our step a little higher, and we may find friends who help us along and offer up friendships and relationships that last forever...or maybe even just that moment you shared a simple hello on a walk.  Even though you may be watching what you are doing for the most part, you may trip...on your own feet! But, use the poles or walking sticks that are there for you to catch your step...put on the gloves you brought to keep you warm.  Appreciate that which surrounds you.  Absorb the positive part of your environment, leave the rest behind as a learning experience and something that has given you growth.  Although there may be times that appear to be dark and cold...there is sun shining, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get where you can see it better! Stay strong even when the climb seems more difficult and you will reach the top....and it will be easier to see where you need to go.  Walking side by side is always more enjoyable than in front or behind :0) Eventually, you will see, whatever your journey is - everyone has one.... just always look ahead and keep your focus forward.
My mama is facing another battle with cancer - I was not ready tonight to write the new beginning of this old journey.  I felt drawn to something more of what I wrote to prepare us all for what we are about to embark on - Her story will be updated this weekend as I get to spend it with her....  

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