Sunday, November 9, 2014

Embrace and Enjoy your Environment....

Embrace and Enjoy the Environment which surrounds you!

Finding the beauty in your world can sometimes be a chore, especially when life gets so busy you can't slow down to smell the roses! But what about when the roses aren't where you are? What about that which IS where you are? That is why I love seasons so much! It offers so many different things to appreciate in every single day! The key is.... wait for it.... stop your day just long enough to see them! It only takes a moment... and you won't be sorry.  This is why I love the hour I take for myself every day possible.  When I can't take the hour to myself, I take whatever moment I can, look around me, and find beauty in something.  My hours are not just about becoming more physically fit, but also mentally fit.  We have to take care of our mind and our emotions too, or our physical well being doesn't mean much to us.  I hope my blog will inspire those around me, and maybe those I don't know to embrace life... even the challenges to which make us a stronger us! 

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