Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Journey Forward

Life after Fifty -

Anyone who knows me, knows I love birthdays! All Birthdays! Everyone's Birthdays! I won't lie though...I really, really LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am grateful for EVERY one! I am more grateful for who is there sharing it with me, for the day itself that we are there to share it together, the present of each day after my birthday that is giving me yet another day to enjoy.  Maybe it is another day to get a "do-over". Perhaps an opportunity for second chances.  It could be just another day to embrace that which happens...rolling with the sun, or the rain, the snow, or the wind...but embracing whatever comes our way!
Whenever YOUR birthday is...I hope you won't dread the day as many do - we are aging every minute and birthdays are GOOD!!! The alternative is not having one! I hope instead, you look forward to the day of your birth and celebrate with style! Take the day on with a HUGE smile and enjoy every minute celebrating the YOU in who YOU are! Find the beauty in the little things...the things that make you smile and the perhaps makes you giggle inside... and if you can REALLY take in the day - enjoy a good "gut-laugh"!
My journey forward is just that...taking every day as it comes (good or bad) and learn what makes me tick... learn something new...learn to grow from the bad and appreciate it all.
I ONCE AGAIN am going to make a better attempt at keeping this blog current.  I have some updating to do on several of the pages.  I want to finish my mom's story - that one is hard for me to do.  It still seems so fresh.  I do miss her so, but she lives within me every fact, I think she has a lot to do with my enthusiasm for LIFE!
I hope you will travel with me - through each day of this life's journey, whether it be in cooking, vacations, stay-cations, health and wellness, and just loving and embracing life!
Let's take on this journey together!

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